Month: June 2016


It’s been awhile since I updated this blog. I remember having some followers. I wonder if y’all have hung around like neighbors on the porch waiting to see headlights coming up the drive.  Sorry I didn’t leave the light on since January, 2015. It would have burnt out by now, I guess.

What’s happened: I moved to DC, did an internship with Al Jazeera during which I wrote an embarrassingly passable thesis and pulled my hair out over where I was going to work after graduate school. Then I finished graduate school and did a fellowship with Al Jazeera, for most of which I continued to pull my hair out over where I would work afterward. Then they told my I could have a job at AJ, but a few days before Christmas that became untrue. Budgets, oil prices, etc… it happens. No hard feelings.

I moved by to Texas. I’m a newspaper reporter, like I always wanted to be when I was a kid and made a neighborhood newspaper using a very early version of Microsoft word on an HP computer that froze all the time. Edited largely by a pedantic paperclip, we broke some news and were an early adopter in replacing photojournalists with stock clip art images.

I fell in love, bought a car, got married. Is this the dream? Maybe if my dog were here.