Going to court

Today I volunteered to attend a court hearing and take over covering a murder case that has been on going. The case was finally set to go into a four-day jury trial on July 15, but today there was some hearing ambiguously described on CaseNet as just “Hearing.”

The case is intrigued me, and I was pretty thrilled by the thought of covering it. The defendant is accused of hiring a friend to murder his boyfriend after allegedly forging the boyfriend’s will and testament and power of attorney. The boyfriend had one a court case worth $4.9 million back in 2008 after he was injured in a fire. Prosecution has evidence that the decedent lied about his whereabouts on the date of the crime, testimony from the notary public/friend of the defendant who had become a notary for the sole purpose of notarizing the documents and evidence that the defendant had pawned about $18,000 in gold items stolen from the victim’s house. What’s more, there was a gun in the defendant’s sister’s car with a clip missing 3 bullets (the same number that killed the victim).

Walking to the courthouse I imagined this dark tale of romance that turned violent as the result of greed. This could be my segue into the true crime genre. When I saw the defendant, who was about my age, overweight and smiling arrogantly in the courtroom, my interest was further piqued. He didn’t look at all as I’d imagined him, which further stirred my curiosity. He seemed like the kind of interesting character who could carry this dark murder mystery.

As the defense attorney announced the reason for the hearing, however, it quickly became apparent that I won’t be reporting this story this summer. The defense requested a continuance in order to be adequately prepare for a trial in which there is a lot of evidence and which is anticipated to take a full week. The judge approved postponing the trial until at least December.


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