Month: February 2013

A River Runs Through It


Near Blanco on U.S. Highway 281, the speed limit drops to 35 mph. “Please Slow Down, Enjoy Our Town,” the welcome sign requests.
And things do slow down here. Headline news here was a proposal to put a statue of LBJ on the courthouse lawn and an audit that showed Blanco in good financial shape. In fact, Blanco is doing so well, it is remodeling an older school and building a new school.

Read the full article in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.


America’s Sea


Production on the last of five Texas Parks and Wildlife Department documentaries in a series on the state’s water resources has wrapped up. The State of the Gulf: America’s Sea will be broadcast in partnership with PBS stations across the state — once in its entirety and then in segments throughout the year. America’s Sea concludes a decade of work on informative water documentaries for the public.

Read the full article in Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine.